Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Le Corsetaire" Mixed Media Painting

"Le Corsetaire"
Mixed Media

This painting was the first completed in the series. It paved the way for "Forever Strong Womanhood" with its illustration of control and power. The clown represents "man" during a time of conformity and restriction. He tugs on the laces of the corset worn by an Edwardian woman who clearly is fatigued, yet hopeful. The relationship between the two is of reluctance and strength. A representation of a time period that emerged into today.


11" x 14" Giclee' Print of the original painting of "Le Corsetaire" - Archival Ultrachrome Ink on 100% Cotton Rag Velvet Fine Art Paper.

Signed and dated, beautifully packaged, and shipped securely flat.

note: The Nostalgic Studio watermark in the sample image does not appear on the actual print.

The original mixed media painting was painted on illustration board. Acrylic paint, pastel, pen and ink, an antique textile, a vintage stamp, and handmade papers were used in the creation of "Le Corsetaire".

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What beautiful artwork you have on your blog. And it has a story ..thats even better! Beautiful blog.