Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dream Festoon Necklace

"Dream Festoon" Necklace

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Nostalgic Studio presents...

"Dream Festoon" Necklace in The Edwardian Collection

This creation began with an authentic antique brass finding that displayed a moon and star. The design pursued shades of purple with vintage beads and crystals. A brass chain and toggle clasp unites the purple melody and it was then a "Dream" was born.

Necklace Length: 22 inches

Pendant Size: 2 inches

Note: The mannequin is NOT life size. The jewelry display is a small scale version of a mannequin.

Please keep in mind that all jewelry creations are a combination of vintage and modern findings. Any flaws or wears is the "patina" of the jewelry.

"An Era's Ambiance" Jewelry is a proud creator of tarnished findings and lost jewels that needed tender love and FLARE!


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