Saturday, December 20, 2008

Young "Old Souls"

The Little Clown, from Don at

Young "Old Souls"

An "old soul" is a soul that has traveled many past lives.

On my journey, I have met many children that are incredibly wise. They have experienced many challenges and circumstances.
A young "old soul", a child, can be distinguished by their eyes. In their depths you can see the roads that they have traveled and the emotions that pertain to them. A young "old soul" can be detected by their genuine thoughtfulness. A concern that only an experienced soul can convey. They are usually gifted in many areas and could perhaps be a prodigy in one. Young "old souls" love the earth and respect the animals, plants and life. They seek out new adventures and advocate the old ones.

Young "old souls" will be our future healers.

To learn more about young "old souls" please read the book -

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