Thursday, September 25, 2008

So...why mixed media?

Mixed media is like my soul. It has layers upon layers of memories and experiences that solidify who I am today.

I worked in an art store for a couple of years and was introduced to many different mediums. I was in a candy store for artists. I also met a variety of artists that were considered traditionalists. They painted by the conformity of art books and what was safe. I knew that I did not fit that role.

I wanted to paint, to draw, to sketch, to glue, and perhaps fingerpaint. I did not want to limit myself to one medium. I felt that it was restricting my expression. Besides, once you begin to layer the different mediums on top of one another, that is when the beautiful story begins.

I love to see a layer bleed through the next. To entangle two opposite textures that unite in the end. I enjoy playing with color by conducting harmony for an emotion.

Mixed media allows me to be free to express. I cannot make a mistake. It is impossible. What freedom it brings when you do not have to worry about guidelines or rules. You make the rules.

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