Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi Terah,
Do you know of a good place where I could go to get good frames, maybe in Hagerstown or Frederick? I have a couple things I want to frame that are about 2 feet long, and one foot wide. I also plan to purchase a print of "Watermarked Indigo." I shopped around for frames a little bit in DC, but they are just too pricey for my budget. Maybe frames are just really expensive anywhere, but I thought I would ask you since I know you know much more about framing than I do.
Hope you are having a beautiful day!

In response to her question:


Custom framing is VERY expensive everywhere. When you have odd sized pictures you can use sectional frames. You can find them at Michaels Arts and Crafts or Howards Art Supply store in Hagerstown. I sometimes luck into finding good frames at places like Marshalls or TJ Max in the household goods section. Sometimes you can find a frame that was used for a mirror or print. I always take with me a small measuring tape and look for something that may fit a future project. A few inches around your artwork is okay. You will just need to buy a custom mat and the cost of installation (this includes: glass, mat, backing, and hanger). If you are REALLY lucky, you can find antique frames in flea markets or antique stores. That will save you in the long run. I have found that antique frames can be cheaper than a custom molding in a framing store. (interesting, huh?) Again, you just have to find the right size. Then go to a framing place to install it. It still will add up quickly though. So be aware of each cost. The designer will work with you and give you an estimate before the deed is done.

Working at Howard's Art Supply and Framing Store paid off...and I was able to see many shocked faces after I gave them their custom framing estimate! Yikes!

Good Luck!


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